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Consistency in the Call

Our goal in our spiritual journey must be to become consistent.

Without any contradiction, we must be both personal and communal in our desire to be consistent in words and in deeds.

For without any doubt, society needs leadership. It is obvious to all who are discerning the type of responsibility that we should take, but deeper than that, is how we should now position ourselves if we want to salvage a dying world.

We must not only speak about changing society, we must live consistent to the standard that can change society.

Be not deceived, for while the pulpit is the platform through which God’s intent is revealed to man, society offers the platform through which His intent is achieved.

I mean, you cannot have a passion to help children and be a pedophile, or have a passion to help women and be defiling them whether you are a man or a woman, or be called to lead a church ministry and lack leadership capacity, or have a passion for economic influence and not be entrepreneurial. No matter your intention, you will stay defeated for you will be with one hand building and with another hand destroying.

God is sovereign in that he calls the weak, only so that we depend on His Strength.

While there will never be a time when we are perfect, but there must never come a time when we are comfortable with being imperfect, incompetent, weak and mediocre.

To be consistent to this standard, this higher calling must be the center theme of our worship. Equipping ourselves with the requisite strength must undergird our conversation as we commune and ultimately direct our social behavior.

Now more than ever, this must be our focus and drive for only then can we rid ourselves of the perfidy that keeps us defeated in many areas.


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