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Identifying weak leadership

Strength is simple…. But this is about weak leadership sha

Weak leaders for instance will blame others for obvious failure

Result to name calling while validating their weak intentions

They will waste usable effort building elevators inside a molehill, and then make stools available for those who work with them as tools in climbing mountains.

Everyone else must draw their sense of worth from them and when you find the courage to draw such worth from any other source you will attract labels and be considered harmful to the defeated culture that they lead.

Weak leaders will break the trust of those they lead by living duplicitous lives but will openly demand that others live by standards that they themselves have for years been unable to live by

Lacking integrity and bankrupt of any genuine concern for the betterment of their fellow men

Always looking for someone or some experience or some material possession to validate their strength or rather their lack of it

They will permit only systems and structures that allow the type of chaos that fulfils their agenda and remain unwilling to build a system that shares power.

The worst of these types of leaders are the ones that have mastered benevolence as a manipulative tool, but justice and fairness are far from them.

The only concept of fidelity they understand is the one they have to their appetite

The world as they see it, usually very narrow is the only world there is

There is always tension caused by a very big divide because weak leaders lack the security and the skill that it takes to unlock consensus in a way that drives scepticism out

Nothing is more stressful than living in such a culture where these traits play out every day

My pain, I mean what really bothers me is that in many centres many good people are forced to sustain this type of leadership… children, staff, wives, husbands and even church members alike find reasons no matter how suffocating or how much of their personal dignity they must lose to keep this wheel of weak leadership rolling in the direction of mediocrity and retrogression.

I suspect that for weak leadership to be sustained there must be shared hypocrisy, or shared insecurity or shared weakness or a combination of all these factors. Such that subconsciously there is an agreement of some sort among the followers that weak leadership is the only leadership there is and that if they are given an opportunity to lead they will do far worse.

The overall resulting effect is nothing but excruciating pain, continuous stress and a misguided hope that tomorrow change will come… Until Now

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