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Independence vs Independence Day

On the 1st of October all that we celebrate in Nigeria is Independence Day not really independence.

Whilst we seem to have figured out the importance of celebrating Independence day to our collective national consciousness, we seem not to have figured out the role of independence to our national transformation.


But then this is not a post about politics or the nuances of national transformation, No.


It is about faith, about hypocrisy.


It is about how we constantly preach against independence, and the blessedness of individuality.

It is about how in the bid to place emphasis on collaboration and unity we create a very huge disconnect in the thinking of those who hear us.


It is about the erroneous idea that being independent is wrong, but celebrating Independence Day is right.


For close to 2 years now I have mulled over this thought I’m sharing with you. I can’t seem to understand how we stifle freedom in the manipulative content that we share, binding the souls of the same people that God has made free.


I have listened to and read books by highly respected leaders around this subject matter of independence, with very interesting topics like the spirit of independence, and/or having an independent spirit, but the truth is, no organization will grow and thrive without truly independent spirits and minds .

To be independent means:

  • To be proactive
  • To live a life centered on correct principles
  • To be driven by deeply intrinsic values
  • To be able to stay disciplined to the key priorities of your life with integrity
  • Stay in control of your human experiences
  • To take responsibility for your own life guided by principles, etc.

Not limited to the above alone, we see that independence is not freedom to be foolish; it is actually the beginning of self-leadership.

I do believe that no other institution outside of the church can truly drive the idea of living a life that is truly free and independent. The bible speaks in many places of the freedom that we have in Christ as a testament to this thought I share, but as we see in many centers, the church institution is not free from the embarrassment.

Independence is a human right to determine the outcome of one’s life within a very rich wall of principles.

Greed, selfishness and the lack of capacity to collaborate is a proof of ignorance and the wretchedness of the soul, so is the idea of saying it is because of an independent spirit.

Until folks are truly free and independent, lofty ideas such as unity, networking, collaboration and cohesive communities will be a very far cry.

What is worthy of note here is that all of life begins with dependency. Its highest level of expression is at the level of inter-dependency, but it is not possible to get there without independence – true independence.

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